Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tips How To Know The Feeling

Maybe a little weird for my friends who read the title above, but does not intend to like mama lauren predict or something. The title above is pure uniqueness that I see when people want to mengutarkan feelings, may be among the readers are more familiar than me, let alone who have undergraduate psychology. And this is just a little research on how not its contents!

Basically human nature that can know the purpose or one's feelings but with the times to some extent have influenced the thinking person's intention to express feelings and emotions or rather outlet. Nowadays for example, shades of love songs loved by teens more Indonesian than on the bands that more rocker, why? That's overflowing feelings.

Then supported by technology, the more intense just one vent their feelings, whether it's hate or happy, revenge or love but that's us. hope this article can be a little help of friends to be at least known the mind of someone or maybe her feelings:
How much study about body language, but in general people have got only be sharpened sensitive. I have read a book (forgot the title) that the actual language used by human beings talking 20% ​​and 80% is body language, most likely that this is the most powerful to know the purpose and the feelings of someone.

I give the second point is the music, because more into personal experience. The first way, art is the language of the soul; universal language about the surge of emotion.second, rhymes, poetry and music are part of the art. How easy it is to hear music which is sung, usually it is a form of feelings (it's worked by me)

With the ever growing technology, the more severe human just vent her feelings, enlarged?. enlarged the term I use because the technology is not just through space and time but how someone meluapakan emotions, by rough or soft. concrete example is the facebook.com social networking sites like myspace and facebook has given us little information on how a person feels a sense and meaning, how?. Liat aja latest status.This might be a little help.

Hopefully the three things I wrote above can answer how we know someone's feelings.and this paper is not intended to pass god, only the fraudulent research that was my practice was successful.
thank you


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